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All For Africa/P54Tour Program
At the dawn of the 21st century many of the continent’s leaders are seeking a new kind of economic system, one focused on a sustainable way of doing business that uses natural resources wisely. Quietly and without much fanfare there is a paradigm shift taking place in the global economy. Through the views of Western media, Africa, a continent that until now has only been associated with poverty and political unrest, is emerging as a land rich in opportunity.

The Story Behind All For Africa, a new reality docu-series that permeates the Palm Out Poverty events and fund raising initiatives organically as board members, business leaders and entrepreneurs, music artists, celebrities, and oil palm tree enthusiasts come together to plant the seeds of sustainability on the continent of Africa.

Through All For Africa/P54Tour program, viewers gain behind the scenes access into social events, corporate leadership development, and projects designed to create a sustain movement towards 1 MILLION oil palm trees.

1. Live From POP Festival
2. We All Run For Africa
3. All For Africa's Future Leaders Search
4. 2011 All For Africa/P54Tour To Ghana
5. 2011 POP Festival Week in NYC

Project54Tour Aid Program, Inc.
Project54Tour, a non-profit, community development aid program established to support social and cultural activities that promote development in Africa and the U.S, especially the youth.

A collaboration between Artists, NGOs, Advisory Board, Member Countries, Private Sector, and Community Groups sharing in a unified goal to end hunger, disease, and promote global harmony through music, the arts, youth sports, and entertainment.

By email:
Media inquiries: media@project54tour.org
Donation inquiries: donate@project54tour.org
Africa's Moment inquiries: africasmoment@project54tour.org
Jeri Games inquiries: jerigames@project54tour.org
P54 College Tour inquiries: p54collegetour@project54tour.org
Volunteer opportunities: volunteer@project54tour.org
CrissCross Africa Safaris Tour inquiries: crisscrossafrica@project54tour.org

For more information or if you would like to support Project54Tour please send an e-mail to info@project54tour.org

Executive Director: (212) 360-0399 (Ask for Chris Surrey)

By mail:
Project54Tour @ PaintBox Laboratories, LLC
419 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Contributions that Rebuild Africa
Project54Tour Aid Program, Inc., is a registered Delaware State 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating in New York City and Nairobi, Kenya.

Our programs aim to address urban poverty through business development training and network creation for small and medium scale businesses in Eastern Africa, with the ultimate goal of enabling local businesses to foster economic development in their communities.

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Pete Ondeng is an economic development specialist with over 25 years experience and the Founder & CEO of Africa Partnership Advisors Ltd. (APA), a Nairobi based, business development company specializing in agribusiness, water, renewable energy and affordable housing.

Pete is the author of Africa's Moment and former Regional Director, East & Southern Africa, Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc., a New York based, non-profit organization dedicated to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Pete Ondeng
Chairman, Project54Tour
Founder & CEO of Africa Partnership Advisors Ltd.

The greatest gifts are the ones that are helping people help themselves. Our programs and partnerships in Africa, the US, and beyond are community-based solutions that don’t just provide support, but empower.

Every dollar you give to Project54Tour will be doing just that - - improving the lives of developing communities and empowering the youth. All donations are tax-deductible.