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Our Vision
Overall, the goal of our global awareness campaign is to use music, the arts, youth sport, and entertainment as a catalyst to design and implement programs for at-risk youth and young adults, to facilitate in realizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through an integrated approach.

Our Mission
To promote cultural understanding, celebrate diversity and foster global harmony. We aim to build meaningful, sustained connections between brands and consumers by offering real socio-cultural benefits that change lives for the better.

Our Project
Project54 is named after the 53 countries in the Africa Union + 1 for the people of African descent abroad. It’s a 1L1W™ Festival that will focus on engaging, empowering, and educating communities at large on health and fitness, business development, waste management, and social well-being. The purpose of the tour is to help shed light on a growing desire among many communities -- the desire to do for them.

By encouraging our youth to take control of their social, economic, political, and physical well-being we can help build sustainable communities that become models for self-sufficiency.

Project54Tour Values

Appreciation for the power in diversity.

Belief in the importance of the holistic development of the individual, encouraging achievement and growth in personal lives.

Encouragement of creativity and innovation by establishing an atmosphere of freedom, trust, and honesty.

Courage to challenge convention and fight for truth.

Importance of “giving back to” and “bettering lives within” the communities to whom we market.

Belief in a “one world” future that celebrates cultural understanding and world harmony.

Belief that we have a collective responsibility to promote Love, Faith, and Peace.

Our Supporters

Eugene Adams
Director of Collaborative Education
Bronx Community College

Dominick Bioh, M.D. P.C.
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

Michael Cory Davis
Director, Co-Executive Producer
Cargo: Innocence Lost
I Stop Traffic Tour

Charles Fisher
Chairman & Founder
Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council

Chadwick A. Jackson
Hanify & King, Professional Corporation

Moikgantsi Kgama
Founder & Executive Director

Cedric Kushner
Founder & Promoter
Gotham Boxing

Bruce E. Lightner
Raleigh Martin Luther King Committee, Inc.

David Mbau
CrissCross Africa Safaris

Kiyo D. Oden, Esq.
Attorneys At Law
The Oden Firm, P.C.

Alexander J. Sepulveda
Integrity Sports Management, LLC

Omar Stephenson
Event Manager & Principal
Pumpstation Entertainment

Lew Shomer
Shomex Productions

Dr. Michael Stubblefield
President & CEO
Kairos Energy, LLC
  Our Team

Chris Surrey
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Read Bio

Mallie Mickens
Co-Founder/Interactive Creative Director
Read Bio

Pete Ondeng
Read Bio

Our Affiliates

Edna Cherono Bore
Divisional Convener On Economic Empowerment of Women
BURETI Constituency

Hazel N. Dukes
NYS Conference of NAACP Branches

Jennifer James
Editor and Founder
Mommy Too! Magazine

Hilarion Matingi
Director, Youth Groups
Jeri Games Kenya