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Project54Tour is a non-profit community development aid program inclusive of music artists, sports figures, member countries of the African Union, global communities and corporations dedicated to community development. It encourages a movement to help rebuild Africa’s most under developed countries and supports the United Nations' eight (8) Millennium Development Goals.
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Project54Tour will span several countries in Africa, the U.S., the Caribbean and beyond growing to twelve (12+) cities by 2015.

Kenya, East Africa
Ethiopia, East Africa
Uganda, East Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Niger, West Africa
Honduras, Central America
North Carolina, USA
New Orleans, USA
Jamaica, Caribbean
Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Canada

The Jeri Youth Welcomed Project54Tour

In November of 2006 we took a trip to Nairobi, Kenya to organize a World Aids Day Event and were inspired by a community of youth, in an area just outside of Nairobi called Jericho.

Jericho, aka Jeri, is a unique neighborhood in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in the 1960s during an explosive period of creative expression and social change. Today’s Jeri Youth are continuing that legacy through innovative film and music productions, unique cuisine, poetry, dance, and more.

What we found unique about the Jeri Youth was a development of programs and properties created by the youth themselves, that provided a creative and inspirational avenue to express and educate themselves. We've since noticed this spirit of personal responsibility and self reliance emerging in many youth groups and it has become clear that this model could be further developed and structured into a sustainable social initiative, inclusive of youth from around the world.

This vehicle for both creative expression and education will be called the Jeri Games™ and it will impart a sense of belonging in the community and increase social awareness worldwide.